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Letter to educators:


Our company, Prosper Processes (Pty) Ltd, helps universities, colleges and schools to help their students to increase their reading ability dramatically. Prosper is a registered supplier to the Education Department.

The EYE Read program is used on a single computer or on a whole network, and it gives the learner a series of short exercises which lead to an increase in reading speed and comprehension. EYE Read is ideal to be used during reading periods, and because it keeps a record of results, it can be used by the educator or lecturer to follow the progress of readers. EYE Read has also been proven to be a very effective tool which can be used to assess the current reading efficiency of a learner or student. This makes it easy for the educator or lecturer to identify the readers who need special attention.

The special network version has been tested and approved by the Directorate Curriculum Development of the Western Cape Education Department as suitable for use in their successful Khanya project. It is used at 400 schools in South Africa, including well known schools like Paul Roos, Wynberg Boys and Girls High, Wynberg Boys Primary, Gordons Bay Primary, La Rochelle, etc. At the University of Cape Town and the University of Pretoria for all MBA students, and also at the University of Stellenbosch. It is also used at the five campuses of the Boland College The results are clearly visible in the reading speed and comprehension results of each student.

There are 4 important benefits when EYE Read is used at an educational institution:

Higher pass rate: Regular use of the EYE Read program contributes to a higher pass rate, because it enables learners and students to master more work with confidence, which leads to a higher level of motivation, which in turn contributes to better results.

Individual help for each learner or student: The EYE Read program adapts automatically to the speed of the learner or student, and gradually helps him or her to progress in both their reading speed and efficiency. It will automatically provide remedial help to those who are struggling with reading, and it will help the better readers to improve further.

Easy to use: EYE Read is an easy, self-help program, and once the learner / student understands how to use it, the help of a teacher or lecturer is not required.

Affordable: The standard site license for 20 computers is R 7980 , incl. VAT. This is a once-off fee and the institution becomes the owner of the program.

We are looking forward to the opportunity to help your students to be more competent readers, which will lead to better results for your institution.
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EYE Read has a special facility for the educator called EYE Read Teacher, which enables you to monitor not just the results and progress of any learner or student, but also that of a whole class. (This can also be printed in a graph. Click on EYE Read Teacher to see example of results from a school.)

Effective reading is the key to intellectual development. Most students under-perform because they were never taught how to read with speed and comprehension. Research has shown that the reading abilities of less than 10% of all learners and students are up to scratch. A poor, irregular reading pattern leads to poor concentration, a lack in interest, and poor brain development.

The EYE Read program provides help. Briefly, EYE Read builds your self-confidence in your ability to read faster and with comprehension. It consists of an interactive computer program that gives you short eye-and reading exercises that automatically adapts to your present reading skills. An exercise takes between 6 to 10 minutes and is fun to do. EYE Read uses moving objects, patterns and short reading pieces at varying speeds in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa. It is easy to use and has levels for children, teens and adults. It keeps record of your progress which motivates you to continually do better.