“Reading is to the mind as aerobics is to the body!” - Tony Buzan


Because reading is fundamental to mastery of the information explosion. Information and the processing thereof is crucial for survival and growth on all levels of life.

Comprehension and recall actually increase when you read at an accelerated rate because it switches on the powerful visual area of the brain.

And the more a book is viewed like a movie instead of hearing it like a conversation, the higher your reading speed will become and the less effort it will take for you to improve your reading comprehension at faster reading speeds. In time you will find that you are seeing more and more of a movie while reading.

For example: If you were studying how bacteria infect the body, you would actually see the germs entering the body, and witness them duplicating themselves and attacking healthy cells. You see the body’s defenses spring into action, and watch them devour these bacteria as they restore health. These images are very graphic. When you need to recall information about how bacteria infect the body and how your body defends itself, you now have powerful visual images that are easily recalled.

The effects of a slow, sluggish and irregular reading style are so detrimental that it should not be allowed and should be dealt with. It results in poor brain development, far below potential, it leads to poor concentration and comprehension, and it leads to a lack of interest and motivation.

“The human brain is powerful, but like the body it needs constant nourishment and exercise to realize its potential.” - Anthony Robbins

The EYE Read program provides a proven solution! EYE Read is loaded on a single computer or on a whole network and gives the reader a serious of short exercises that results in an increase in reading speed and comprehension.

Reading speed is determined by your eyes, specifically by the number of times your eyes stop to focus while you read. EYE Read helps children (from the age of 9), students and adults to increase their reading ability quickly. An exercise is fun to do and lasts only six to ten minutes. EYE Read is interactive and adapts to the readers current reading speed. EYE Read uses moving pictures, patterns, and reading text at varying speeds. The exercises are designed to increase peripheral vision in the side-to-side as well as in the up-and-down eye movements; to improve eye-brain co-ordination; and to increase comprehension. EYE Read also teaches you to flash information directly to your brain instead of hearing it in your mind as you read.

Reading speed is measured before and after each test, and graphs indicate your progress. Initially there is emphasis on eye movement and speed, but as you progress through the exercises, the eye-brain co-ordination increases, the brain starts to keep up and comprehension increases. Comprehension and reading speed are simultaneously tested during the last exercises.

EYE Read also includes the Attention Span CD (or soundtrack on the computer program) to which you can listen while you read or study. It contains special sounds which assists your brain into the ideal state for maximum concentration and comprehension, and helps to keep you in that state.

The EYE Read Network version is already used by more than 350 schools in the Western Cape Province. EYE Read is also used and recommended by optometrists, educational psychologists and remedial teachers.

Feedback indicates that the program’s therapeutic effect helps the poor readers and also the better readers to increase their reading ability further. The results are measurable and in most cases a doubling of reading speed, together with an increase in comprehension is measured over a period of time.

More reasons to use EYE Read:

Research has proven that in general comprehension increase as wpm (words-per-minute) increase. Your brain does not get bored so easily, you have to be more alert and attention is more focused.

Rapid reading, with a formal recall, has been proven to retain more for 63 days than a slow reading without recall can retain for 1 day.

EYE Read helps to remove barriers to processing information

Barriers like a limited field of vision. Exercises help to strengthen six sets of eye muscles. Another barrier is sub vocalizing, in other words to “hear” the words in your mind while you read. The program helps you automatically and gradually through that threshold, where you will not hear the words but flash it like data to your brain for much faster processing. All these exercises help to strengthen the eye-brain connection.


Increased processing ability of the brain.
Increase overall comprehension, retention and recall of information.
The ability to read conceptually instead of reading one word at a time.
Be able to keep up with the required reading of your school, college, university of your profession of professional pursuit.
Reduce normal reading fatigue by as much as two-thirds.
The ability to read more in less time can give you access to new interests.
A wider field of vision brings an increased awareness and brings more satisfaction and a richer experience of life!

All of this helps to build your confidence in your ability to read faster with comprehension. It helps to form a cycle of continually re-enforcing this positive confidence in the improvement of your brain’s ability, and this continually builds your belief: “I can do it!”
All of the above contributes to a decrease in stress levels.