The EYE Read CD Rom contains interactive, daily eye exercise sessions which automatically adapt to your current reading speed. A session takes about 6 minutes and is fun to do - experience the thrill and excitement when your reading speed improves dramatically during the first few exercises!

EYE Read uses pictures of moving objects and patterns, and shortreading texts at varying speeds. The exercises enhance your peripheral vision, eye-span, eye-brain coordination and comprehension. This results in the ability to read phrase-for-phrase, sentence-for-sentence and even block-for-block instead of word-for-word.






Reading Exercise

Eye Exercise

Progress Graph

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Reading speed is measured before and after each test, and you can see graphs which keep you up to date with your progress. Comprehension is measured together with reading speed in separate comprehension exercises.


EYE Read Techniques

“Anyone can learn to develop this skill, and even if they are in some way affected by some remedial or reading difficulty, I really believe that EYE Read’s puzzles, games and exercises can help them.”

- Britha Padkin