The Attention Span audio CD can be listened to on any CD player. It is designed to enhance your focus of attention while reading, studying, writing or reviewing material for comprehension. It consists of computer generated sounds, so-called binaural beats, and special sound effects which assist your brain to get into the ideal state for maximum concentration quickly - and keep you in that state while you listen, preferably through stereo earphones. These soundtracks are also available on the CD Rom: When doing the exercises on the EYE Read CD Rom, you can click on the Attention Span button and benefit from it while doing the exercises.

  Track 1   Information (8 minutes)
  Track 2   Attention span (35 minutes)
      A soft murmuring sound, like that of the sea in the distance
  Track 3   Seashell (35 minutes)
      Also a soft murmuring sound, but more like that of a sea shell when you hold it close to your ear



Download extracts of the CD here:
Track 1 mp3... (314 kb; 53 sec)
Track 2 mp3... (90 kb; 10 sec)
Track 3 mp3... (90 kb; 10 sec)
"As your mind calms down, you forget the time and you move through your work very quickly"  

- Liesl