The eye is able to take in information much faster than the ear.  We have been taught to vocalise every word. A fixed pattern was established and today most people still mentally ’vocalise’ the words while they read. 


The problem is that we try to see every single word. By only focusing on the essential words or ideas, you will be able to grasp the central message in a fraction of the time it would take to read the complete book at your normal speed.


The fewer eye movements per line, the faster you can read and the more eye movements per line, the slower you read. With the aid of the EYE Read exercises your eye movements per line will drastically decrease, while your peripheral vision will increase.

Benefits of Speed-Reading

Save time
Develop brain capacity
Achieve more

In order to be effective in your career and in business, you have to sift through huge quantities of information quickly, find the information you need, and assimilate and apply that information in order to achieve your goals.  Application of the EYE Read techniques can help you accomplish this!