With practice, the number of eye movements can be reduced dramatically and your brain conditioned to grasp large parts of sentences as a whole.


In order to reduce the number of eye movements per line, you need to ’see’ a larger area of the page each time your eyes stop.  This can only be achieved by means of exercises aimed at extending your peripheral vision.


Your brain has the ability to scan a picture or page with text instantly, to interpret it and react with an image, an idea or a sensation.

  It will teach you to read a normal line of text with only two eye movements.

Using your finger as an aid to keep pace while you read is one of the easiest methods to accelerate your reading speed.


Write down your reading objective.

Get yourself into a positive frame of mind.
Change your body posture.

Grasping the meaning of a text at a fast reading speed is a thinking skill that requires exercise.


Words are the ’bricks’ we use to build our knowledge.  The more bricks you have at your disposal, the bigger and the more interesting this ’house’ of knowledge and skills that you build will be.