Britha Padkin  
Britha Padkin is the Founder of the well known READ Foundation, and the leading authority on speed reading in South Africa  


“Without having to spend hours per day practising for weeks on end to achieve results, the EYE Read program only requires a few minutes a day to get the same results; reading at least two or more times faster in the end.”


Easy, step by step:

“The ability to read faster is definitely a physical skill, a person needs to see results. The EYE Read program encourages a person to, first of all, believe in themselves that they can achieve much higher reading rates. And secondly, by an easy step by step process with feedback and success all along the way, they can’t help but gain confidence and enjoy the benefits.”


Better comprehension:

“A common misperception is that if you read fast you will not understand what you have read. When we were first taught to read we were told to read slowly and carefully and read every word so that we can understand. But that is not the only way to read with understanding. It makes sense if you are reading fast you actually have to concentrate harder for that short period of time, and then at peak level concentration you actually have better comprehension and better retention.”


Better concentration:

“For parents who have a child who is easily distracted, the EYE Read program and the Attention Span CD will keep them focussed and absorbed because of the variety of each little module only a few minutes at a time, so any child can manage that.”


For the whole family:

“One other reason why I believe this is an excellent program is that it encourages parents to get involved with their children in working through the program together. It generates quality time for the whole family, it is interesting and stimulating and it is fun!”


For business:

“There is so much to read and so little time in today’s challenging business world. No business person can waste their valuable time reading slowly as far as information is concerned. They need to acquire as much information as possible to be competitive, and fast. It will certainly help release the pressure of the burden of trying to cope with an overload of reading material.”



Martin van der Merwe  
Educational Psychologist, Wellington  

“The EYE Read program helps you to use your eyes to move more quickly. Through activities and games your eye span improves. This is easily done by using techniques which broadens your field of vision.” “Every child comes to a point where he must be able to break through and say: I can read quicker and remember better. Once you’ve cracked the code……something big happens!”


“Most people believe the fallacy that you have to read slower to comprehend and recall. In fact the faster you read the more you will remember until your optimal reading speed is reached.”


“The problem of ADD is still increasing and is linked with weakened concentration and recall. The Attention Span CD helps a child to concentrate and to improve his or her skills needed to succeed.”



Helené Lewis  

Psychologist, Noordhoek

“At first I was concerned: Would I really understand and remember what I have read? It was very surprising – I remembered so much better.”


“What I discovered was the more I read and trusted the EYE Read program the more I relaxed and I was just able to look at sentences like blocks at a time. Initially I was hesitant to trust this, but the more I relaxed, I suddenly felt I could recall whole paragraphs.”


“I think this opens a vast potential for a child that is able to access so much knowledge and so fast. The more you read, the more you open up to the world for yourself and enter new areas on the way.”



Jason Campbell  



“By doing this EYE Read program for just 6 minutes I have noticed a dramatic improvement. My speed was 230 words per minute, and increased to 330 in just the first 6 minutes. I am very impressed and excited.  It is so simple and easy to do.”



Susan le Roux  
Part-time pharmacy student and mother  

“It is more than worth while and only takes 6 minutes of your time per day. Time is a critical factor and this program gave time back to me. In return I was able to concentrate better and to reproduce what I have learnt. It gives you confidence and it helps you to relax because you know you will be able to cope. You score both ways: You learn to read much quicker and you learn more effectively!”


Johan Smit  



“It is a self-confidence booster!  You compete with the program. It helps you step-by-step to improve and adjusts with your abilities. When a child or student uses EYE Read there is no alternative, they just have to read faster.



Elsa Smit


“It is a wonderful aid to assist pupils who are struggling to concentrate, especially those with ADD. It will help them to focus and to improve their reading abilities. I would strongly recommend the EYE Read program as part of a remedial educational program.”


“I tried it on my own children – with remarkable results! What is so good about it is the fact that the reading passages are nice and short. The children can handle it and they get it done. You see the improvement almost instantly.”



Willy Nel

Business executive

“Before I started using the EYE Read my reading speed was about 400 words per minute. After using the program over the last week-and-a-half my reading speed increased to just over 850 words per minute.  What I find is that I’m getting through my reading material quicker than I used to and as a result of that I’ve got a lot of extra time to do other things in the office.”



Liesl Botha  
Advocate, Post-graduate student  

“In about two weeks time my reading speed increased from 200 words per minute to about 590 words per minute. I am able to memorise much quicker because I am not reading word-for-word anymore. It makes life much easier. You know you will be able to get through your work. And you feel much more confident.”

“I listen to the Attention Span CD when I study, and as my mind calms down, I forget the time and move through my work very quickly.”




Carmen Opperman


“I was struggling to focus on my studies. Now when I put on the earphones I am focussed. My way of reading has drastically improved and everything goes much quicker when I study. I am able to concentrate.” “Within the first exercise my reading speed increased from 120 words per minute to 200 words per minute! I saw the change in my marks - it improved a lot. And it helps me to enjoy my studies and it improved my self-confidence!”



Samuel and Natasha Hofmeester  
Teacher and his daughter  

“I started at about 200 words per minute and improved to just about 400 words per minute. Something magic happened then. I felt a lot more relaxed. I was able to get the work into my brain. It triggers your brain to comprehend faster.”


“Natasha is a very fidgety child and can never sit still and do her school work. I tried the Attention Span CD on her and she could immediately concentrate better. She said: Daddy, that stuff is so good, I like it! During the first session with EYE Read Natasha’s reading speed improved from 92 words per minute to 129 words per minute!”



Lize-mari Louw


“It is amazing. If you are writing exams you feel the pressure and you worry. When I use the program the stress is gone. My concentration instantly improved with the help of the Attention Span CD.”

“With the EYE Read program It is so easy – just with the click of a button your whole future can change. My marks improved by far – I got A’s and B’s which I thought wasn’t possible!”



Timo Cooper  

“Before I started using the Eye Read program I didn’t like to read at all! After just three exercises my reading speed increased by 38 words per minute.”


“It is so easy to use – almost like TV-games. It is nice to see myself improving all the time, with every exercise. It will definitely help me with my school work!”



Natasja Nieuwoudt  

“Within one week my reading speed increased from 80 words per minute to 280 words per minute! I was able to answer the comprehension questions with ease.”

“EYE Read also motivates me to increase my reading speed even more. My self-confidence improved a lot.”